KAATSU Air Bands

KAATSU Air Bands


› Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
› Enables KAATSU to be done anywhere at anytime doing anything
› Pneumatically-controlled air bladders and baffles enable uniform pressure and safe usage
› 2 leg and 2 arm bands use for upper body, lower body and core applications


Set of 4 (2 Arms, 2 Legs)


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The KAATSU Air Bands offer the safest blood flow control technology on the market as they are specifically designed to prevent occlusion.


The arm bands are thinner and shorter than the leg bands. The Air Bands are pneumatically filled by the KAATSU Master or KAATSU Nano and simultaneously monitored in real time. For rehabilitation applications, the Air Bands can work with different pressures on each side.


These are the sizes of KAATSU Air Bands:



› Small: circumference of upper arm less than 18 cm or 7.06 inches
› Medium: circumference of upper arm between 18 – 28 cm (7.06 – 11.02 inches)
› Large: circumference of upper arm between 28 – 38 cm (11.02 – 14.96 inches)
› Extra Large: circumference of upper arm between 38 – 48 cm (14.96 – 18.89 inches)



› Small: circumference of upper leg less than 40 cm or 15.74 inches
› Medium: circumference of upper leg between 40 – 50 cm (15.74 – 19.68 inches)
› Large: circumference of upper leg between 50 – 60 cm (19.68 – 23.62 inches)
› Extra Large: circumference of upper leg between 60 – 70 cm (23.62 – 27.55 inches)


› 6 months warranty


› If you exceed 48 cm in circumference on your upper arms or 70 cm in circumference on your upper legs, then special order KAATSU Air Bands are recommended.
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About Kaatsu
KAATSU is the world-leader in blood flow moderation training and therapy. Invented in 1966 by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato in Tokyo, Japan and protected by 47 patents, our equipment and protocols have an impressive and unprecedented safety track record with over 20 million individual KAATSU sessions in dozens of countries across the globe. From elite athletes, to baby boomers, and everyone in between, KAATSU is the ultimate biohack for health and rehabilitation.


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