KAATSU Master 2

KAATSU Master 2

12 000,00

› For commercial, institutional, hospital, therapeutic and medical applications
› Includes Masimo MightySat™ Finger Pulse Oximeter and Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
› Dual air compressors so each limb can be simultaneously inflated to different pressures
› Bluetooth enabled tablet-based form factor with automatic storage of usage data in cloud
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The KAATSU Master 2.0 was designed for military, commercial, institutional, medical, and therapeutic applications. It includes dual air compressors which enable each limb to be simultaneously inflated to customized pressures. The tablet-based form factor is also bluetooth-enabled with automatic cloud storage of usage data and features easy-to-use, pre-set pressures for users of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Under an agreement with Masimo Corp., the leading pulse oximeter manufacturer, the Master 2.0 will automatically release airband pressure if preset O2 or pulse rate ranges are compromised.



› The KAATSU Master 2.0 is a fourth-generation KAATSU device that enables real-time monitoring and archiving of physiological data. The device is ideal for use by militaries, corporations, organizations, clinics, hospitals, teams or large groups.

› The KAATSU Master 2.0 comes with KAATSU Air Bands (select Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) and can be inputted, automatically uploaded, and archived to the KAATSU Performance Database (kaatsuperformance.com).

› It is a robust, tablet-based device with touch-screen controls for 4 pneumatic bands used by individuals of all ages and conditions, physicians, therapists, coaches, companies, organizations, and teams for physical training, rehabilitation, wellness, recovery and strength-, stamina- and speed-building purposes.

› Pre-set levels make selection of pressures easy and safe to determine. Customizable levels enables use of appropriately safe pressures for elite athletes and injured individuals.

› 2 year warranty on device, 6 months on bands



› Effective muscle toning
› Improved circulation
› Faster recovery
› Convenient—exercise anywhere anytime
› Greater range of motion
› Time-saving
› Offers 5 pre-set Cycle levels + 1 customizable Cycle level
› Anti-aging
› Improved speed
› Enhanced stamina
› Increased strength


Sample Customers

› Military forces
› Physical therapy offices
› Chiropractors
› Retirement communities
› Competitive sports teams
› Corporations
› University athletic departments and gyms



› Enables monitoring and archiving of real-time physiological data
› Enables standard KAATSU Cycles for all ages and abilities
› Enables customizable KAATSU Cycles for athletic performance, recovery and rehabilitation
› Enables video feedback and interaction with KAATSU Master Specialists for real-time consultation
› KAATSU AirBands can be used on dry land and in the water
› Enables precise, simultaneous and separate control of pressure on each limb for optimal rehabilitation
› Can increase band pressure up to 500 SKU (Standard KAATSU Units)
› Enables access to KAATSU Performance cloud database where user information is automatically uploaded and archived and offers comparisons to other users


Data Monitoring

An optional Masimo MightySatTM Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measures and monitors the following data:

› Pulse Rate (PR) or the number of heart pulses per minute indicates your overall fitness and exertion levels
› Respiration Rate (RRp) or the number of breaths per minute indicates how well your heart and lungs are functioning and how quickly you recover from exercise
› Perfusion Index (PI) indicates the strength of blood flow to the finger as blood circulation changes
› Pleth Variability Index (PVi) or the variation in perfusion index over your breathing cycle which may indicate changes in hydration, breathing effort, perfusion or other factors.
› Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) or the oxygen level in the blood indicates changes due to your heart or lung function, oxygen use by your body, and altitude
› Capillary Refill Time (CRT) or the amount of time in seconds that it takes for your capillaries to refill with blood

The KAATSU Master 2.0 also measures and archives additional information such as:

› KAATSU Time (KT) or the amount of time spent doing KAATSU per session
› KAATSU Exercise (KE) or the type of exercise, movement or rehabilitation you do with KAATSU
› KAATSU Cycle Function (KCf) or the specific type of KAATSU Cycle (e.g., Cycle 20 or Customized Cycle)


About Kaatsu
KAATSU is the world-leader in blood flow moderation training and therapy. Invented in 1966 by Dr. Yoshiaki Sato in Tokyo, Japan and protected by 47 patents, our equipment and protocols have an impressive and unprecedented safety track record with over 20 million individual KAATSU sessions in dozens of countries across the globe. From elite athletes, to baby boomers, and everyone in between, KAATSU is the ultimate biohack for health and rehabilitation.


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