Masimo Oximeter

Masimo Oximeter

› Hospital-grade technology captures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and respiration rate
› Enables real-time data to be displayed on KAATSU Master 2.0 and captured in KAATSU database
› Data can be tracked on mobile app

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The optional Masimo MightySat™ Fingertrip Pulse Oximeter is a hospital-grade technology that measures and monitors the following data during exercise or rehabilitation:


› Pulse Rate (PR) or the number of heart pulses per minute indicates your overall fitness and exertion levels.
› Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) or the oxygen level in the blood indicates changes due to your heart or lung function, oxygen use by your body, and altitude.
› Perfusion Index (PI) indicates the strength of blood flow to the finger as blood circulation changes.
› Respiration Rate (RRp) or the number of breaths per minute indicates how well your heart and lungs are functioning and how quickly you recover from exercise.
› Pleth Variability Index (PVi) or the variation in perfusion index over your breathing cycle which may indicate changes in hydration, breathing effort, perfusion or other factors.
› 1 year warranty on device.


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